Mini Catotelm Vessels

By Amanda J Simmons


Available exclusively at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh. (New stock available)

I have made work that investigates peat formation, the many layers of bog moss Sphagnum and other bog species create the thick Catotelm bottom layer that can be many metres deep, built up over many years. This layer stores the carbon; it is thought that the Flow Country carbon store is greater than all the forests and trees in the UK put together. The top living layer, Acrotelm, can be up to 40cm deep. Moss is constructed with a single layer of cells that have a large water holding capacity and a slow rate of decay. The main fascination I have with peat is its ‘natural museum’ properties that can preserve whole items for centuries in its many layers and how precious it is in terms of controlling climate change.

Amanda Simmons

Mini Catotelm Vessels 2017
kiln-formed glass H:5cm D:7cm 

£65 each

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