Vessel Forms & Glass Powder Course

By Amanda J Simmons


Course Overview

In this 5-day introductory course in kiln formed vessels and glass powders, students will learn to create vessels whilst experimenting with opaque and transparent powdered Bullseye Glass colours to create new tones, subtle colour blending and mark making. Amanda will teach how to build the flat blanks, taking into consideration mass, heat, time, colour and opacity and we will investigate more ways of working with colour and the opacity of glass to produce a few colour samples to widen your palette and for research for your next vessel designs.

Each student will make their own slumping mould from vermiculite board to play with different forms when slumping.

We will look at all the ways to cold work your glass vessel to finish it such as cutting, grinding, hand lapping, engraving and sandblasting; all techniques that continue the creative design process in changing the form of the piece to give the vessel an identity, whilst giving it stability.

There will be presentations throughout the course of the development of Amanda’s work using this technique, challenging the use of colour and cameo engraved work. Amanda will give guideline firing schedules for all projects on the course and suggest starting points for larger projects.

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