Conversation Pieces at House of Prints

Conversation Pieces at House of Prints

Some new duo sets are available at House of Prints Conversation Piece with donations to Shout, a mental health crisis text line.

My work is a constant dialogue with the medium, sometimes gently coaxing and at other times pure frustration. However, it is still the work I come to help with my own mental health, elevating the endless cycle of miserable monologue.

‘These small kiln-formed vessels have always had conversations with each other and are a reminder that we all need to talk to someone.’

Duo set of white and turquoise kiln-formed glass vessels. The design is made by using glass colours that react with each other’s chemical components and produce a different colour. Each piece is unique, made of opaque glass and sandblasted.

12-13cm tall, 3cm diameter base

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