Delicate Disco with Bullseye Glass

Delicate Disco with Bullseye Glass

UPDATE The second class has just been released as the first sold out. Here is the link.

It's been in the planning stages for sometime but I'm happy to announce the launch of my new online vessel course with Bullseye Glass - Delicate Disco!

I love working with thin, delicate glass, this started alongside my love of birds and realising that work with sheet glass felt too heavy for the feel I was trying to achieve. This led to working much more with glass powders and making thin, but stable, glass vessels.

In the 4 week live online course I show 3 techniques that I use in my gallery work and take the viewer step-by-step through all the processes from design, building the blanks, slumping and coldworking. The course comes with a very detailed, beautifully illustrated 68 page class guide and support from myself and Bullseye throughout the course. The first session starts in February 2023, hosted by Bullseye in Portland, whilst I teach live from Scotland.

 The course can be seen here on the Bullseye Glass website. I hope to meet some of you then.


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