Homo Faber in Venice

Homo Faber in Venice

I feel very happy to be included in this exhibition 'Best of Europe' as part of the celebration of all human design and craft in Venice.

This image featuring on the Homo Faber website is a group shot of the objects selected by Italian architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri and Jean Blanchaert, Belgian-Italian gallerist, antiquarian and artist. My two arctic tern vessels can be seen just after the 'e' of Europe.

Selection for this exhibition included 3 artists on the Craft Scotland stand at Collect 18, myself, Frances Priest and Patricia Shone. It was an amazing amount of administration for this show but now seeing the results of this inaugural exhibition I can see the effort was very much worth it for the curation and quality of this show. 

I'd like to thank the curators Stefano Boeri and Jean Blanchaert for the opportunity, Craft Scotland for all their help in organising the work from Scotland to Venice and for exhibiting us all so well at Collect and for all the hard work done by the Homo Faber team in producing the show, I hope it is a huge success for you.


Homo Faber Best of Europe Image by Homo Faber 2018

Arctic Tern at Homo Faber Venice 2018

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