Naked Craft in Stornaway

Naked Craft in Stornaway

naked crafts exhibition work touring canada scotland

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 Ceàird Lom


Ceàird Co-aimsireil à Canada is Alba
Contemporary Craft from Canada and Scotland
Fosgladh aig 5f Dihaoine 14 An Giblean
Opening at 5pm Friday 14 April 2017
15 An Giblean – 3 An t-Ògmhios
15 April – 3 June 2017                                                        

An international exhibition of work by 22 contemporary, professional makers from Canada and Scotland, Naked Craft covers a broad spectrum of media including ceramic, glass, jewellery, metalwork, textile and wood.  Makers from both countries united to share, highlight and showcase the craft traditions and heritage which define their identities and cultures.

Like most places, craft making in the Islands grew primarily out of utility and necessity:  The need for baskets, blankets, furniture, creels, pots and clothes, often using indigenous available materials, from wool to willow. The exhibition though, also shows how far craft has travelled from that principle.  Practice, process and product are constantly evolving, routinely challenged and sometimes the boundary between art and craft is neither relevant nor distinguishable.  

To supplement, enhance and give an insight into contemporary craft, there is a comprehensive programme of workshops across a range of media teaching various techniques and leading-edge principle and practice.  This extends beyond the studio workshop to online promotion, practical pricing and the important business of sales and making a living.

An excerpt from    
Roddy Murray
Founding Director and Head of Visual Arts & Literature
An Lanntair

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