Pittsburgh Glass Centre

Pittsburgh Glass Centre

Particle I

It's Becoming a Pattern, an exhibiition curated by Jason Forck has just opened at the Pittsburgh Glass Centre. It runs until 22 December 2023.

I worked with a mostly neutral pallete but with the odd touch of colour. Split into two themes, Northern Hemispheres and Particle/Subatomic, both with the focus on pattern using drawing and glass powders.

"Pattern is how I communicate, it’s a visual language that represents the preliminary research into my final works. This developed as I started working with glass powders as they are so adaptable - layered, drawn into, engraved, sandblasted, printed, sculpted – and yet still very delicate.  Layering of patterns in my 3D forms is about giving depth to the idea and always thinking of how light will highlight the spaces that appear once the powders are fired, and the flat blank becomes a form."

The exhibition features work from Corey Pemberton, Mel Douglas, Nathan Sandberg, Joanna Manousis and Nancy Callan.

5472 Penn Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone +1 412-365-2145

Exhibition Images

Particle II

Northern Hemisphere II

Subatomic I

Subatomic II

Northern Hemisphere I

Northern Hemisphere III

 All images by Euan Adamson (apart from exhibition images}

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