Spring Fling Open Studios May 26-28

Spring Fling Open Studios May 26-28

Join myself and jeweller, Natalie Vardey Studio 41 at Spring Fling Open Studios. We are opening again in the very lovely Dumfries and Galloway hills along with 86 other studios across the region. May 26 - 28, open 10.30am til 5.30pm.

From Natalie's Spring Fling Page;

Things I love: well designed bits of engineering, making simple shapes into complex forms, frosted silver and the warmth of polished gold, attention to detail, working in fine silver, necklaces of lustrous pearls, making brooches, and a good play on the radio.

What to Expect: A cheery welcome! This is a rare opportunity to see a comprehensive collection of my work, with illustrations of special commissions, samples of techniques, tools, work in progress at a replica of my workspace; basically showing how I do what I do.

This year I will show work that comes directly from Collect 2018 at the Saatchi Gallery in London; great to give the work a home viewing before heading on north to North Lands Creative later this year. I will have development work that led to the larger scale pieces on sale, alongside a good collection of smaller works. I'm making the most of my new coldworking shed by setting up a studio sale with experiments, samples and one-offs. The whole workshop is open during the weekend with work on progress and studio samples for new work and an insight into all the equipment I use to make my glass alongside jars and jars of Bullseye Glass powders.







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