The Summer Show at London Glassblowing

The Summer Show at London Glassblowing

The London Glassblowing Summer Show

bright skies medium vessels at london glassblowing amanda simmons

18.06.21 - 17.07.21

I'm delighted to be part of the line up for the wonderful Summer Show in London.

More Details form the London Glassblowing website:

"We are proud to present the best of London Glassblowing Resident and Guest Artist’s Glass Art specially for our Summer Show!

June 21st promises to be a crucially important date in everyone’s calendar.  Apart from being Peter Layton’s 84th birthday, we hope to be celebrating our restored freedoms, and with this in mind, we are presenting an exciting mixed Summer Show of work by artists we have represented over the past decade.

We are thrilled to be featuring new pieces by Amanda Simmons – one of the UKs leading practitioners of kilnforming in glass, who has made work specially for this show.  Also exhibiting in this field are Amanda Simmons, Sue Tinkler and Cathryn Shilling, while such luminaries as Bruno Romanelli, David Reekie and Colin Reid and others are showing spectacular kilncast sculptural works.

Alongside these will be a stunning collection of freeblown pieces by Peter Layton, Tim Rawlinson and many more.  Please make our gallery one of your prime destinations as soon as you can.   We promise a worthwhile and rewarding visit by making you feel more welcome than ever."

Exhibiting Artists:

Alison Lowry • Amanda Simmons • Bruce Marks • Bruno Romanelli • Cathryn Shilling • Colin Reid • David Reekie • Elliot Walker • Enemark & Thompson • Hanne Enemark • Jan-Joop Ruisch • Jochen Ott • Joseph Harrington •  Karen Browning • Laura McKinley • Layne Rowe • Lola Lazaro Hinks • Louis Thompson • Sophie Thomas • Morag Reekie • Morten Klitgaard • Nick Mount • Nina Casson McGarva • Olga Alianova • Peter Layton • Sarah Wiberley • Sue Tinkler •  Tim Rawlinson

bright skies medium vessels at london glassblowing amanda simmons

Rawlinna Dawn vessel at london glassblowing amanda simmons

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